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for Sleeping Beauty

10/25/2002 c1 10jessiCA3
i hope girls read yur poetry...they would melt. i kno i would if a guy wrote this about me!*
5/30/2002 c1 8Amour
awwww...this is just so nice. i really like this, well done, excellent! nic xx
5/28/2002 c1 41WalkingOnWater
double awww! This is soooo cute, and its true, some people do look cute when they sleep! well, my best friend Jax does, lol. well, great poem, love poems like this really brighten whatever day i do have left...lol, right?
5/27/2002 c1 Magdalen
very beautiful
5/27/2002 c1 nen

indeed, another time

oh, how wonderful.
5/27/2002 c1 63Tahiri Solo
This is so incredibly beautiful! It's so sweet, and probably one of the best poems I've read here on FFN. I love the flow of it as well. I don't know what else to say except that it's absolutely beautiful. :)

~*:*~Tahiri Solo~*:*~
5/27/2002 c1 2Odo-uita
A suitably tender poem, and written flowingly and pleasantly. Nice one :)

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