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7/28/2003 c1 Chivalrous Knight
Dear fellow writer,

Well, this is the first little piece of yours that I read, but I thought that it was interesting enough to comment on. I actually stumbled upon this page after exploring your Alleria profile. Tiyribi is a very close friend of mine (As far as I know you're venturing with her right now), and I noticed your little add-on at the bottom of your messages so I decided to check out what was apparently a writing site. Now, with the introduction done with I think I'll move on to what I think about this.

Yes, I think I can relate, or at least COULD relate to this subject(God has made it clear that it's not time for me to date so I don't worry about it anymore). I do think that this short poem could be better, in a sense. I'd just like to remind you to use commas if you want a line to pause, I understand that the rhythm can sometimes be hard for a reader to discern, so if that's the case then forget that little piece of advice. I am encouraged to see that the poem doesn't end on a cold note. I always like to do the same :) I look forward to reading your other work in the near future. Oh, and I'm not positive, but I don't think that "evilly" is a word, just wanted to run that by you. Also, points for Cowboy Bebop on you interests :D I am also a fan, along with a few other animes. Stay tuned for future reviews, it's been a pleasure.

God bless,


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