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for I Am Everything - My Poetry Collection

12/14/2002 c1 Transparent Eyes
YES, YES. That is what I am talking about. Despite a little forced rhyming (which actually isn't a bad thing) I love it. I love how you made comparsions to all these things. AHHH...Wonderful job.
11/19/2002 c1 Ur.different
I Am Everything

I am the water, the water is me.

It shows my emotion, my need to be free.

It’s flow is my heart, it’s depth my mind.

But I’m also the storm, the mean and unkind.

The thing below is my spinoff on you. Its a lot better then yours.

You are shit

You are shit, the shit is you.

It shows your true color, your need to be smelly.

It’s smell is your name, it’s depth is your brain.

But your also gay and insane. Whoops, hang on I gotta go poop you into the toilet. Bye now.
10/13/2002 c12 zinc5
You are so amazing! Can't even explain it, you're just too good for words! that "I am Everything" poem, that is just astounding! Yeah, i suck at saying how wonderful it is, but believe me it is good! you are amazing!
9/30/2002 c6 4Narn1
This is cool...it doesn't have a very even rythm, which is a little distracting at times...so...yeah.
9/30/2002 c5 Narn1
Hmmmm...feels like a rap song to me. The rythm, I mean. It's neat. It's a new thing for you, and you did it well.
9/30/2002 c4 Narn1
This poem seems as if it is questioning the whole entire cosmos-time, infinity...just everything. It's very though provolking, which almost drowns out the emotion within it. Still, a very good thinking poem.
9/30/2002 c3 Narn1
Ummm...not your best work. Sorry...*cringes* Ihate giving bad reviews. I mean...you're capable of so much better and yet...I...this poem isn;t your best. Sorry.
9/30/2002 c2 Narn1
*Blinks* Did...did someone put a hidden camera in my mind here or is it just me? I...*shivers* Yeah. This is me.
9/30/2002 c1 Narn1
This is really neat-I love the work you've done with the elements in this poem. My favorite verse would have to be the one about shadow...very cool. Shadow can be helpful too...likeif your hiding. Glad you mentioned that in there...:)
9/1/2002 c12 3Becky Cookie
Some of your poems are so depressing! Well, I throughly enjoyed your poem collection. Keep up the good work! And if you ever have time, could you stop by and read some of mine? Thanks!
9/1/2002 c11 Becky Cookie
Oh, very sad, again.
9/1/2002 c10 Becky Cookie
Nicely written. I like how you have all your poems together in one story. That's what I did with mine.
9/1/2002 c9 Becky Cookie
It was really good, and romantic until the last three lines, and I just cracked up! I loved it. Great job.
9/1/2002 c8 Becky Cookie
Good job.
9/1/2002 c7 Becky Cookie
Oh, this reminds me of something my friend did to me once. It makes me sad.
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