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for Rejection

6/1/2002 c1 ingrid
okay, i guess

im not really into teenage girl poetry...

its just not mature or refined...
6/1/2002 c1 Roreoreo
Beckie, you are turning out some really great work, although I am so sorry that all the pain comes with it. I hope the success keeps going when it doesn't hurt anymore. As I've said before, you have talent.
6/1/2002 c1 9darkvoidangel
REALLY GREAT! I have two best friends that might reject me...
5/31/2002 c1 3Alyson Grant
Don't change yourself to fit anyone's standard.

You seem like a nice person and your ex friends aren't worth the real you. You don't have to morph youself just to gain so called acceptance.

Alyson Grant @)-
5/31/2002 c1 3Lemina Ausa
ouch, i know how that feels. unfortunately, i cant write poetry-_- , but yours is good. "the best writing is done with a heavy heart"or somethin like that. hope to see more!;)

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