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8/22/2003 c1 36LovinCupid222
Bubbles...i love the topic. It was amazing. Truly magnificent. You have a great talent. I envy you. I love the way you describe bubbles as delicate fairy toys..thats great..and made from fairydust and leprechaun tears...hehe...now, everytime I look at a bubble Im gonna think of this poem. Its great! P-L-E-A-S-E keep writing
6/4/2002 c1 122Mistress Jakira
Yeeeehee! That's what I shouted when I finished the poem. lol it's awesome! "Exchanging the latest gossip"-that's one original way to put it! Bubbles...who ever thought to write a poem about bubbles? It's genius. :) Beautiful in a plaintive way, I think. It IS adorable! :) But adorable is good. I love all the words you used to describe bubbles, I NEVER would have thought of those! *jealous* lol...and I absolutely worship the ending. *laughs* "Pop" indeed! ^_^ You really do have a talent, keep writing this wonderful stuff. *giggles joyously again* ~MJ
6/1/2002 c1 3until strawberry sherbert
LOL! I love the ending. What an adorable poem, and forgive me, but that's the only word I can describe it with ^_^;;

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