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for Solitude

9/21/2002 c1 Beleg Cuthalion
Great poem! It's awesome that you didn't stop with just one. Very deep. True Quality

-Beleg Cuthalion
6/3/2002 c1 immortal muse
hey, i luv ur poem. its really good. keep writin'. u'll b surprised at what can esape a persons immagination. luv ya.
6/2/2002 c1 34miss meaningeverythingtome
Wow. This is awesome. You're so talented. Keep it up. I feel exactly like that a lot of the time, and you really expressed the emotions well. :) TO told me to read this, and she's right, it's great. ^_~
6/2/2002 c1 113tarnished oversoul
Know what- not even because i'm your friend- but this is one of the best poems i have ever read- it is so hateful and full of hurt- yes, depression is the greatest motivator to write- plus it gets the melancholy out of your system so you don't break down crying or anything... :)

Love ya babe- Tasch-a-ma-nasch

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