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for Hijutsu no Gounomono

7/24/2009 c2 1mizukihikari
continue plz
3/8/2005 c2 LilAngel12558
The story idea is really an intresting one, and I hope that you continue writing. I'll be expecting an update?
11/12/2003 c1 Tsem
I thought this was really really good and I hope you write more in the future so I can read it ^_^;;
10/8/2002 c2 Kattaiya
Heeeeeeeeeey, this is cute! I like- more would be good. ^ ^
9/29/2002 c2 4Chainlinks
*interested* I like it! I'm looking forward to the shounen ai! ^_~ Salvisto/Kouseki sounds like fun!
7/22/2002 c2 Nisham
Come on, write more! Its realy funny!
7/14/2002 c2 9r.mai
wah! no more? you should right more!
6/3/2002 c2 Fireangle
I love it, Kouseki is a well defined character and funny too!

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