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1/1/2005 c4 Jao
Much shorter than I remember; some editing took place, unless I am much mistaken?

The ending is good - and the backbone is not nonexistent.

However, it seems as if something is missing - small sections of emotion of events. It could stand to be longer; it's a story worth telling. Definitely worth it.
1/21/2004 c4 71Toireasa
Bah! I loved it! And in the last chapter there were no crazy HTML letters which I don't understand. Okay, serious now...
I really like your characters, and to be perfectly frank, I think they're my favorites. Because of this I feel like you could have really expanded them, especially the scene in chapter 1 where Jao is trying to stay alive... more could have been added. But, hell, what you've done is great, and I love it nonetheless.
1/21/2004 c3 Toireasa
1/21/2004 c2 Toireasa
I hate cliff hangers.
1/21/2004 c1 Toireasa
I haven't reviewed this, which is funny, because I feel like I've read it before. Just a couple of comments and then I'll move on to the next chapter. Your computer seems to be having problems translating this into HTML format. There are a lot of those weird symbols everywhere that nobody can make sense of. ::murmur:: It's sort of annoying... Also, you've got a great plot, and I really like your characters, but I think you can really enhance them and the story in general, just by being more descriptive. Okay, that's all for now. On to the next I suppose...
9/29/2003 c4 16Celtic Dragoness
You know, I wanted this on the Lowlife story but you haven't posted anymore so I can't review. I WANT MORE, Lover, and I want it NOW... *hmph* and I've helped you with it as well, so I know you have more.
7/26/2003 c4 Radi
oh my god, wow, thats all i got to say

and I'm Second!
3/6/2003 c1 18Talia Falcon
Dearies - Dunno if i put this up already. Mickai is said MICK(think stick)EYE
3/6/2003 c4 Talia Falcon
Hah - it is your almightly authoress speaking. To Val Mora - Mickai is said mick(ryhmes with stick) eye.

Thanks to the reviwers, I love you all.
2/23/2003 c4 18Val Mora
I'm interested. More? *much begging* Actually, I think this was a little short, because I think the change in Jao's emotions towards being a vampire and towards Gryffin himself were a tad too abrupt - although, if you're still going with the soulmates idea, you can get away with that sort of thing if you emphasize it more than you did. Good job, nevertheless. I really love your work! (Now, how do you pronounce Mickai?)
8/15/2002 c2 16Celtic Dragoness
Update! Gosh darn it... hee, no one will review unless we get more! Alright, so the meds are affecting my brain but please do update? *puppy lips*

7/17/2002 c1 Celtic Dragoness
I do like this story very very much but you need to update, dearest. I miss you and and lenely ad bored, come home soon! Hmm...I'll go update and then fiddle with your stories because I have nothing better to do. Thank goodness you can't get here to hurt me, hee hee...going to go have fun now...*dragon skips off*
6/15/2002 c3 Jao
Dearest Talia -

Most interesting. Paragraph 29 on chap 3 needs work, as I've always said.t's sorta corny. Otherwise fone...You've done me justice, though I do not relish my frequent breakdowns...Make me become powerful, and allow me to regenirate the backbone I once had.
6/8/2002 c3 18Val Mora
More! More! *desperate cries* I want to find out more!

I'm still confused. So the Xiane (more apologies about the accents) is not ONE group of people-who-kill-vampires, it's the name for the entire bunch, in which there are lots of different clans? So what was the name of Jao's clan? *confused blinking*

Anyway, I love this series, and you had better finish this story!
6/6/2002 c3 16Celtic Dragoness
Yay...I like Gryffin...This isn't your best work, dear, but I like it anyway. Please sir, I want some more...hee hee, hyper...


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