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10/24/2002 c1 56Baby Rose1
Hey, remember me? I used to write poems all the time. I still have the same ones up but I'm gonna soon put some new ones up. ANYWAYS, I Really liked this! I love sonnets. Keep writing.

~Baby Rose~
7/31/2002 c1 24Vilestar
i remember helping you with this too, cuz sonnets are confusing. i really like the line 'wine and blood now follow the same trail of red' can i steal it and put it in a song sometime when i feel like thinking again?
6/5/2002 c1 1Damien Buck
You wrote this for school? I mean, it's REALLY good but if I wrote something like that I'd be suspended. Guess that wouldn't matter cause the school guidance counsellor just said I should be sent to the psychiatric ward in the hospital! I hate her... Anyway, really good!
6/4/2002 c1 Rini
ooh I love this. Well written, very good. Keep writitng ^^

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