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10/21/2005 c1 34nurulsan
It's totally...just wow...
10/1/2003 c1 217MistrissD
O, I love the dark angles you took on, and the poem that occurs through every few lines really ties it together. Nicely done ^.^
11/17/2002 c1 21PoisonedSoul
Oooh.. i love the way you wrote this fanfic! it's just...way good!
8/20/2002 c1 12FattyButt
Well done!
8/8/2002 c1 90SweetGrape
Can I at least cry over the story?

It builds up and by the end you've got an awful knot in your guts.

Well written
7/16/2002 c1 Capriangel
wahh~! that's so sad. and depressing. v_v yet it was very well written. i must read something happier now
7/14/2002 c1 Seshennu
Good. Very good...

6/26/2002 c1 8KawaiiCookie
Oh! I think I'm going to cry now! Your poem is so sweet... happy one year anniversary! =)
6/8/2002 c1 Alethia
Quite good. The pome idea was also very good.
6/6/2002 c1 kate
whoa,... cool poem. very deep. ok thats pretty much it, I'll think of something really cool to say as soon as I hit submit review.
6/6/2002 c1 1knotted.dreamery
Wow, that was really nice. Depressing though =( Yet, anyways, it was awesome! Congratulations on the anniversary!

And also, I was just wondering, I'm now getting together my site and adding stories and poems to it. I loooved yours, it kinda does relate to me, so could I possibly put it on my site? Let me know, If you don't want to then that's perfectly fine.

Again, Nice job!
6/6/2002 c1 36Kittle
Hey, that was really good. Congrats on your anniversary!

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