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for Conformity Hall

9/29/2006 c1 Tom Campbell
Much Awesomeness.

Have you read Chocolate War? Your poem reminded me of that book.

Conformity is just a fun subject isn't it? Or rather the paradox of conformity and nonconformity; if you are a nonconformist are you not conforming to rebellion?

But anyways, awesome poem! I really enjoyed reading it.
4/5/2004 c1 54Lord Jareth
Sounds like... no school I've gone to, as a performing artist I'm spared the hell of the cookie-cutter schools, but the administration is all the same. They want to cut us and label us and care nothing for our minds. Good work.
Lord Jareth aka #42298
1/12/2004 c1 3Ridirescath
You captured the feeling of school perfectly, and my fav bit:
"Welcome to Hell
Welcome back, have you been well"
4/14/2002 c1 Quoth The Raven2
Everyone says that schools are a place to show your creativity and original ideas and unique-ness... that's a bunch of bullshit. I wear all black, paint my nails black and use black lipstick and eyeliner, and people at school look at me like I'm the Antichrist. Mothers literally cringe and pull their kids closer to them when I pass, and the teachers sterotype me. If I was dressed all in blue they wouldn't give a damn, but they act like its the biggest surprise when they find out I'm in Gifted and make straight A's. I totally relate to this poem.


12/2/2001 c1 1The Elemental
Dear god...That's my old school to a T. I'm going to assume Nequa valley is your school (Or hopefully was your school) Welcome to hell, have you been well? Fantastic! I'm showing this to my drama group, they're going to love it!
6/5/2001 c1 19Leni
uhm... interesting. It's funny to know that some things you've written are what everybody out there think at a time... just... what's a Neuqua Valley?
4/21/2001 c1 197Richard Platypus
So true of most schools today... being yourself has ceased to matter. Conforming to the standards of others is all one must do to find happiness, it seems... but appearances can be deceiving. You aren't really happy if you aren't really yourself... if only the schools could foster individuality instead of oppressing it.
2/3/2001 c1 DustedPyxie
Well written, and I can see how many people can see your views, and I'm sorry you feel that way. I do'nt know, I go to Neuqua, and yeah, in order to be "popular" you gotta wear the right crap and mold your personality to theirs, but to me, popularity isn't an issue, I probably have more close friends than all those populars, just my name isn't know. I'm only a freshman, but as a frosh, I believe you're at your weakest, and I've been doing fine. If anything I've redefined myself as me- someone who hates Abercrapy, loves anime, writes novels, has a passion for acting, writing music, dresses however I'm comfortable, be it in flare jeans, goth wear, prep wear, bulky sweaters, pj pants, whatever. High school can either make you or break you, and it'll only break you if you let it. I've managed to remain true to myself, true to my faith, and I grow stronger everyday.
10/26/2000 c1 2SSK
That is so sad... but so true. As a Christian, school can be Satan's biggest operations, where God supposedly isn't allowed in. As any truly alive person, it is a land of corruption where the crowds try to control you. Either way, don't lose who you are, and keep the creative spirit alive.

9/29/2000 c1 Parodys
Omigod! I loved it. Great job!
9/29/2000 c1 7lexxie r
Sounds almost exactly like my school. It's true: sometimes people tend to forget who you are underneath the uniform. And then when the real you comes out, they act like it's the plague unleashed. "Cookie-cutter world" captured it perfectly. Well done.
9/29/2000 c1 5AEM2
wow... incredibly true... wow...
9/29/2000 c1 Jeff the Reviewer
Pretty good! The message is sooo true!
9/29/2000 c1 Jennifer Ever Zero
I believe it. Well-said. And yes, it sounds just like my school...except you forgot to mention how God fits into the whole brainwash conspiracy. I'll be looking for more of your stuff.

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