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for Unseen Love

11/19/2002 c1 2Odo-uita
Again, interesting. I liked the use of rhyming - something which you're really good at by the way. As for me understanding it? Ahem... Well... I'm *slightly* at a loss. Is it about loving somebody even though you don't know everything about them? That's what I *think* anyway. Either way its a good poem and well written :)
8/23/2002 c1 HAHAHA
WOW!so attracting!very good!I like it!
7/22/2002 c1 41WalkingOnWater
wow...i dont know what to say about this one, you got me caught on this one...its good, but i dont know exactly how much i really understand it (poor me) but in all, i think it fairly rhymed and made sense (well, as much sense as i could make out of it by reading it over and over till i could really get it through my head!) i know i know, i get confused with stuff sometimes...i think its all the stress from family, and friends...ack, forgive me. lol good job.
7/14/2002 c1 savagevim
I didn't "SHE" had shinning eyes and the curves that u like...

looks plain to me

6/11/2002 c1 176DefianceIsMe
I shall be truthful. It was well written and I like the idea. The whole thing is something that people can relate to in some way or another. I like this poem. I look forward to more of your writing. ^_^

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