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10/27/2008 c23 daling
8/6/2006 c3 RELOAD PLEASE
the first three chapters didn't load right. you can't read them.
10/30/2003 c23 wacka dkid
well.. i have really loved your story. you developed everyone well and had a good plot... but the ending is kinda a let down. admittedly that is more.. real life-ish but.. well. reserving my opinion of the epilogue actually.
9/25/2003 c23 4Pandemonium
*"Could you try and NOT kick me in the head!"* - eheheheh... gotta love him.

*"You know that video.." Eve began, and Jackson crowed.* lmao!

Great that it's finished! And that Mark's alive... but sucky that she didn't get to arrest him...
9/11/2003 c23 hjohnson
Awe... but yay! Awe because its over and yay cuz he was caught. I really liked this story. Their bantering was cute. Cant wait for the epilogue.
9/10/2003 c23 8Raven O'Connor
Glad to see this finally updated! Can't wait for the final chapter!
7/24/2003 c1 14CasKay
I love this story...read my story Run Away. Only the first chapter is up and its VERY short, but I wanna know what people think about it before I post more! THNKS
6/29/2003 c22 krazy cutie chic
oops, i forgot to review chapter 21, so ill review chap 22. But well done, too bad pueirro didnt believe her. WEl whats goign to hapeen? update as soon as u can, i wanna no! and mark, i think hes a bit of a jackass, just because he made her think she was dead and just hte whole it wasnt necessary to talk about the past. in the last chapter he said that. and i thought that was mean. Come on, did he not realize he was supposed to be dead and its kinda whacky finding out that hes actually not. LoL anyways. Im getting too into the story. UPDATE!

6/28/2003 c22 8Raven O'Connor
What a cliffhanger! Post more!
6/28/2003 c22 4Pandemonium
*Oh please.. this one suddenly wanting to join my side?* - in agreeance there! Didn't think he'd fall for it that easily... but... screwed now!
6/27/2003 c21 Pandemonium
Lookie, lookie... I'm reading... well, reviewing... but I've started this before reading... so perhaps I should do that? M... you're right, good idea...

*"Come here my Spanish butterfly" Puierro kissed Eve so thoroughly that she felt his intent had been to steal her breath away.* - ick, ick, ick... Gimme a bucket!

*"The only place he'll be flying to is back to prison, and they speaka English there!" * eheheh

Not long at all... that is, if you post another part right away! ;)
6/24/2003 c21 8Raven O'Connor
Nice to see this updated! Very suspenseful chapter! ack!
5/12/2003 c20 krazy cutie chic
*gasp* update? no way! haha no way her partner didnt die? whoaa nelly..lol u so have to update again. u really doo! I'll be waiting! Great chapter, and i cant believe hes not dead...total gaspingness...lol

5/10/2003 c20 4Pandemonium
Well... that explains quite a bit! Another brilliant ep... pls tell me you're planning on updating again.. and soon ;)

Chat to you later!
5/10/2003 c20 8Raven O'Connor
Finally, you've updated! I'm beginning to get worried that my hair would turn gray by the time you update the next one! lol..

Great chapter! Jackson better hurry up to save EVe!
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