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for The Daughter

7/10/2003 c1 I'm leaving fictionpress
*grins and cuddles story* Me like, me like, me really really like it!

Lol, this is really col! ^_^
10/25/2002 c1 10jessiCA3
very interesting...i like the ending.*
7/22/2002 c1 41WalkingOnWater
Awwww! this is like, love, family, biography...all the lot stuck in together! wow, i'm kinda making a biography thing myself, (wanna get to know the real Nikki?) and other things like that, i enjoyed this, it was interesting, and to say the least, strangely addicting (why me) so to wrap this up, great job, a pat on the back and good to know you (lol, my mom says that too much, it rubs off on you)
6/29/2002 c1 176DefianceIsMe
AWWWWWWW That was a really cute story. I liked it. Keep writing. ^_^

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