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for I'll Be Wearing Red

6/2/2006 c1 10shematite
Exciting! I can't wait to see what happens next...
7/22/2002 c1 1Slow Like Honey
Like the story so far, but why exactly does she hate men so much? Write more please!

6/29/2002 c1 36SocratesAngel
Very good. You should add to this! I love it.
6/29/2002 c1 No longer using this account
Interesting start, its' good to see more and more stories starting by setting up the scene instead of just leaping straight into the action.

Although I feel that this chapter was ended rather aburtly. Anyway that aside down to the basics, spelling and grammer I see no fault with and sentices are structured well. Keep on writing.

Grim Writter

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