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12/3/2003 c1 2Stryker3
Man...I know I've read this like twice before already...but it still gives me goosebumps. You've got skill. The way you write in this story is just so...perfect...i can't quite articulate what I mean to say.
8/4/2002 c1 6Linmenel
Have I ever said how much I love this story? So much that I read it yet another time. Also wanted to say that "ramblings" is gone...it just says "story not found" not that this matters since you're on vaca right now, but figured I say it just to hear myself talk. Hopefully I'll see ya soon!
7/30/2002 c1 8Mivoen
As soon as I read the first paragraph I wanted to scream "WRITE MORE LIKE THIS! WRITE MORE LIKE THIS!" Then I got into the story, and I was a bit horrorstruck at the end, and for a moment the word ZOMBIE flashed through my mind. Looking at it all in retrospect, I saw this girl getting up, walking to her car, and killing herself without even knowing what she was doing. It just kinda screamed zombie, but then again, it didn't. I guess you shouldn't spend too long trying to figure out what the heck I just said. :-)

The story was a good, quick thrill. I like how you do that. The story that initially drew me into your writing as well as this, your latest, both have this aura of (((somethings coming, somethings coming))) and it's fun. Anyway, I liked it, especially the first paragraph.

Thank you for all the reviews, and even though you broke my heart, then fixed it, then broke it again, then fixed it again... lol, I still love your writing.


Mivoen (J.D.)
7/16/2002 c1 9Lauren Skonech
Of course i'm not reviewing my own story, silly... why would I do a thing like that? ok ok... you caught me... umm...hope you like my story... sorry if it makes you sad!


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