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for The Third Terminal

7/22/2002 c1 Nikki I LOVE PICCOLO
Hey, wow, this was really insightful! it brought out a lot of points, well, in my point of view (love, not a thing i really think i'm too familiar with, 15, puppy love age) sorry i haven't gotten to your stuff! i was on vacation, omg was it gorgeous. thanks for all of your wonderful reviews! atleast your honest! not like some people who just review nice things to make me feel better (i can see right through it) and, you have a thing for writting about love, you should become a novelist and take your skills farther, write love novels, i'd really enjoy it if i found one of your novels somewhere (think about that,eh?) it might not bring good money, but atleast you'd have pride, right? well, amazing job (as usual) and keep it up!
7/13/2002 c1 6ZCrystal
This was very cute, I liked it. Maybe try using more paragraphs, like at the end of dialouge. They make a story easier to read, and longer ;D. Nice job. ~ ZCrystal

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