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1/31/2004 c3 Melissa
-dances- more! (-pouts- please?)
1/4/2004 c1 F. Angel
you could go far with that keep going
2/2/2003 c3 5meatballhead
Good story so far but you ned to finish it!11111
8/17/2002 c3 38zane
Wow. This is incredible.

I was shocked at end of chapter two... definitely one of the best cliffhangers I've ever read. ;)

I really like how the story progressed, though I'd have to say I thought she was around 7 for two and a half chapters... I probably missed where her name was mentioned.

I seriously think that this is one of the best stories I've read for a while. I found myself rooting for Moira, and that rarely happens... keep up the good work. =)
8/11/2002 c3 Alethia
Let's see. My honest opinion? You have a good plot going here. I like the idea of the mother helping the girl get out. And I like why. (does that make me sound sadistic? I hope not.) But I think it's moving too fast. Try building up from the past, how everything came together, more about the other children, the mother. And then you'll have a great story. I think it's good now. But it can be better. Like everything else in the world.

Hope I didn't hurt your feelings. O_o I seem to be doing that lately.

And on that note, thank you for reviewing my stories. It means a lot for me.
7/30/2002 c3 32Mackenzie Anderson
Hm. Pretty interesting story-nice to see a girl getting the chance to escape. hope to see what happens to her soon...
7/27/2002 c1 Guest
Hey babe ! It's cool sayin that . You

know what I mean ?

By the way , daddy is spelt ... Well I guess it's spelt how I just spelt it . Aaaaahhhh ...

Well I'm uota here . We'll be seein ya ! it's

exiting isn't it ? Ha ha ? LOVE YA LOVE YA

LOVE Ya love ya !

wait a secont . I just noticed somthing . The P key is so far away from the D key ... Did you mean to spell it like Paddy ?

Anyay We'll see ya later on . Love ya the most . So there .
7/21/2002 c3 2Tigger5
i HATE to say this...but you told me to be totally honest.. and i'm only 1 tiny person in a sea of people...but i didn't really like that story. I don't know...i like it...but i don't. I'll have to explain to YOU later..long story.

but...it's well writen...

-appologizes profusely-

i am really sorry lav!

please don't hate me
7/17/2002 c2 NiK
Ahhh...that story is going grreeaaat! You can't leave me hanging like that! I don't know what should happen...but make it shocking!

cheers love~


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