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for Sea Breezes

6/18/2004 c1 32sleepy-sentry
I love your haiku. It is very descriptive and serene.
7/23/2002 c1 1mercuryfan24
I get the image of a peaceful, lovely day at the beach from this quintet of haiku. I like it.
6/27/2001 c1 18Selena Benilo
Oh I love haiku! Especially these! Beautiful,Sandiya
5/27/2001 c1 Davis's girl
Oh I love these 4. Now you have the Haiku syllables right. In one of your other Haiku you didn't. Anyway, oh these were beautiful! I loved em! Great job! ^_^
1/8/2001 c1 16Ninamazing
Oooh! *claps hands* I like it very much. ^_~ The imagery's awesome .. as much as I hate the word "imagery .." *giggles*
11/7/2000 c1 12Jennifer Ever Zero
Almost brought tears to my eyes...I miss the ocean so much. Thanks for the memories.
10/13/2000 c1 1Kat Darklighter
Hey there! Thanks for your kind review on my poem. I loved this one, it really set a great scene. Keep it up!
10/8/2000 c1 38saturnalia22
ah, the ocean. Sucha peaceful feeling. It makes me want to go sailing!
10/3/2000 c1 68LunarBard
Now that is what i call good. Just enough discription, and you can see the emotion in it.
10/2/2000 c1 Six
that was so cool! very beachlike, although my own expirience with the ocean is much different because there was a dead fish and the water was green and it smelled funny, but anyways, totally beautiful! : )

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