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for On The Beach

12/31/2001 c1 10aziza
I really liked it-the descriptiveness is amazing. It's really easy to picture myself in your shoes-I know exactly what you're talking about. A really lovely piece.
4/18/2001 c1 Nicola
What can I say? That piece was absolutly beautiful, left me speechless.
10/3/2000 c1 3Arsinuae
Ooh, coolies! Love the descriptive words and wonderful images . . . I always wish I could write like this, but I just don't think description is my thing . . . Great work! -Arsinuae
10/3/2000 c1 4K. Wyse
I can see why you got an A! Just watch out for some simple grammar and spelling errors, but all in all, it was a great piece. For me, personally, I felt that the last line kind of changed the mood of the piece. But then again, I'm too opinionated for my own good. ^^ Keep writing.

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