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for Intimacy

8/30/2002 c1 12Aries28
I know the feeling, you don't want them to ignore you, but you don't want them to come anywhere near you, either. Nice.
8/25/2002 c1 13Massiel
Liked it. But if it was me, I would let him near me!
7/20/2002 c1 17Jade6
LOL! Cute! =)
7/19/2002 c1 48Sun Chime
I love haikus. Especially the ones you write...

Oye, tusi bade mazakiya ho!
7/18/2002 c1 16Shinn
Hey Ads...cool poem to read when ye are in love...Thanks for reviewing. P.S. Check out my new collection of poems (Saga Italia) for Frankie poo and gang ^_^ He;s sooo cute *licks lips at sight of a luscious Francesco totti in clingy Italy No.10 jersey*

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