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6/15/2005 c1 18Ice Eyes
Absolutely amazing that pinpoints exactly what i went through a year ago or so, funny thing is though...things got incredibly better, yet i never would have guessed it at the time. but still nicely done.

~Ice Eyes
1/21/2003 c1 DragonsEclipse
Nice! I like this! Keep writing! ^_^
11/23/2002 c1 24Rhea-lyze
This is really good. Good expression of anger, and I like the conflict of I hate you/I want you/I love you. I definately know what that feels like.
10/19/2002 c1 64Black Tangled Heart
the jumbled emotions convey a very plausible piece...i really like it.
9/27/2002 c1 xurbandecayx
That was brilliant! I'm really impressed... impressed so much that it's even going on my tres prestigious Fave Stories list! :D

I think we can all completely relate to that, everyone is beautiful when you can't have them. What can I say? Life's a bitch, and then you die. I'm trying not to be such a pessimist, but... anyway.

On another note, (and now you can know what a truly huge wanker I am...) did you really think my story was good? Are you serious? You must be criminally insane... Oh well. I'm trying to write with more descript, but... I don't know that I'm there yet. Anyways, I just want to say a MASSIVE thanks to you for supporting me along the way, and reading all of my crazy stoner-kid crap. Cheers!
9/7/2002 c1 52Munku-JGSPTV
Woah! All the emtions are really tied in here! This is excellent! I really like it. And I think the biggest question in our lives will always be 'why's
9/3/2002 c1 Joflower
very deep (though i can't say i can relate to it), very good!
9/2/2002 c1 3Kiwii
Another really good poem. I like the repetition of the miss/want/hate/love bit.
8/26/2002 c1 20monsterbreaker
That is exactly somethign that happened to me! I mean...word for word. That is amazing, I absolutly LOVE IT!

8/21/2002 c1 2Little Brat
i love it. that's all i have to say! it's so pretty. something i can relate to
8/17/2002 c1 63Lisa Robinson
Wow. All the mixing emotions make his poem really great. Great job again Ms.Cools!
8/7/2002 c1 113tarnished oversoul
i really like this poem and all it's conflicting emotions. (In my opinion- that is what makes a great poem- those often conflicting human emotions.)

I like, love, adore you

7/28/2002 c1 6BCLover6
Hey this is pretty good, oh yeah and sorry shameless advertisement: Read and review Lea please it would really make me happy...hehe...
7/23/2002 c1 7Angelgirlie805
wow that was really great I haev poems of my emotional outburts when I'm ahveing a bad day I just dont post them lol anyway yeah that was great it sorta lets me feel what you feel in a way. Well thanks for reviewing my poem I'm glad that you liked it lol anyway keep up your good wrting k lol bye bye
7/23/2002 c1 2inconsequential me
Wow, that was an AMAZING poem...It was radiating with emotions and it describes somethings i never could...It made me really feel someone's hatred against herself and longing for this missed opportunity...Anyway, it was excellent! A magnificent read! You are an amazing poet! I thank you for providing me with such an amazing poem! kudos!
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