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for I'm here

8/7/2002 c1 55Fire of the Vampire
Can't say I completely understood it, but this is awesome! Very good! Keep up the awesome work and upload some more poetry soon!

God Bless

Much Love

Later Daze

- Kacie
8/7/2002 c1 83Zemmiphobic
pretty...in an odd way- i love it!
7/19/2002 c1 42Dream Angel
Well, depressing, but the meaning's really nice. The whole 'I'll be there for you no matter what' meaning really shows up at the end. I was a little confused at the beginning, but then everything tied up at the end. Great poem!
7/18/2002 c1 122Mistress Jakira
Wow. o_O Well at first glance I thought "oh yeah, total randomness" but at the end I saw a definite meaning. It was the classic message of "I'll be here for you, no matter what happens"-you name bad, hopeless situations of much despair, from "The children are having / too many beers" to "My baby is dying / before she could play" among others, and then you repeat the main lines. I'm fairly certain you didn't really mean the poem that way, but that's how it speaks to me. And I do like it, very much, in fact. ^^ Great job! ~MJ

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