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1/1/2001 c1 megan
Cute story. What in the world is a kinkajou? It sounds like a tiny copy machine...
12/10/2000 c1 Evasive
hey, this is pretty good, I'd like to see a sequel. I kinda liked all the big words, they made the story seem a little exotic. Hope to see more of your work!
10/29/2000 c1 Jules Dickens
that was really wicked. I really liked that. It was quite scary. Cool.
10/24/2000 c1 bon voyage
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10/9/2000 c1 14selah
ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! spooky! definate chill factor there. though, at the beginning i got confused, and then you changed the point of view, that was kinda strange. but besides all that . . . is there going to be a part two? please! don't torture me like this! ::bangs furiously at the monitor untill glass shatters::


::leaves the room with an innocent look on her face::

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