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6/12/2004 c1 3tunnelnuke
hey this is the first piece of writin ive ever reviewed..kind of new to all this..and i know im reviewin this a bit late..anyway i think its a really visual piece..i like it because it reminds me of Peter Pan..u don't happen to listen to The Doors do you?
"Let's swim to the moon..uh-huh
Let's fly to the stars.."
-The Doors "Moonlight Drive"
Sometimes we write so much about angst and agony we forget there's a happier side to poetry..
1/9/2004 c1 zephyr mist
aw I really love this.
9/17/2001 c1 Danvers1
Brilliant. It's really uplifting.
6/14/2001 c1 4Gem
Gorgeous! So beautiful. It's just...gorgeous ;) I'm a really bad reviewer, aren't I? But it's now another new favourite of mine.
6/10/2001 c1 16Leelee
Mmmm . . . I've reviewed this already, but I came back to reread it and wanted to let you know that I LOVE it. It's magical, for lack for a better term. ^_^
3/21/2001 c1 zeo
it's a nice theory
3/20/2001 c1 Leelee
WOW. That was so very beautiful! A bit idealistic, but a little hope never hurts once in a while. Good subject, I love everything about it.
2/6/2001 c1 Tango
So beautiful... "minty winter" - love that line!
11/17/2000 c1 girl poisons boy
Wow, this is really really good
10/5/2000 c1 7Loren
good job
10/4/2000 c1 Kristy Garvey
Hey! I really like your poem! Not to sound kiddish but I just thought it was really pretty! Do you have any more? If so, please feel free to email me!

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