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4/24/2010 c1 10LyricsArePoetry
That was heartbreaking. I've read a number of suicide related stories on fp (that sounds bad, but it's just so it can help with something I'm writing) and none have made me cry but this one did.

Ironically it was when it started talking about the dog that I started crying, it's ironic because I'm scared of dogs. I guess it's because dogs represent friendship and loyalty and stuff.

All in all this was fantastically written, so sad, so believable
7/23/2003 c1 6Rockie
It's sweet how you made the dog the only companion of the narrator's death. I wrote a story [murder mystery, basically] about a woman who gets off on murder [it's not posted here], and people suspected me to be that way too. One girl commented that after reading the story, she was glad she wasn't neighbors w/ me anymore [she moved out b/c she didn't like her roommate] and that she could hire me to kill her and I'd have an orgasm. Like you, it was an idea I had, that I wanted to get it out and play around w/ it.

I can also relate to the feeling of being suicidal [look at my writing and you'll see]. I know you're not, I'm just saying I can relate to the character.
6/6/2002 c1 24Keysuna
That was great, perfect detail and depth.
3/8/2001 c1 1Kaitlin Genesis
i think it's a very indepth look at a person who is suicidal. The back round is right. It is very informed story, because a person dosen't wake up one morroing and want to kill themselves. It's a chain of causes and affects. It is a very good story. I almost thought she WAS suicidal.
11/25/2000 c1 the ringmaster
wow..that was awesome...that was so sad! i can just picture my poor dog sitting there...excellent, excellent story
10/23/2000 c1 Michelle Riddle
Very touching story. It made me want to reach out to the poor girl and help her in some way. It must be sad to know the only thing you will miss when u die is your dog. It was very well written.
10/19/2000 c1 blackrose
you may not be sucidal but you've just summed up about all I've ever felt when I was. I've never been able to do that
10/13/2000 c1 Dawn
No one said you were suicidal. I can't say I like this story. I don't really like things that hit close to home. My 17 year old cousin put a bullet in her head, my 2nd cousin (15) jumped off a bridge into a flooded river and her sister (only 13) slit her wrists. I liked it in a way but in a sick way.
10/12/2000 c1 kat kassidy1
man - u blew me away ! keep up da good work !
10/10/2000 c1 10elegance
That's absolutely chilling...and one of the best short stories I've ever read! Great job!
10/10/2000 c1 Leanne
The type of story I would read and say "ooh!". Incredibly fascinating.
10/4/2000 c1 Sargent. Stripes
Dude yeah you had me goin' there for a sec. I mean, life can be a but suicides never the answer, thats the way one of my friends died. That's why i don't do coke.

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