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for Look to the Stars

9/12/2017 c1 RenegadeWanderer
Holy Shit! That was so tragic and yet so moving. The description is amazing, especially in the beginning about the solar system. I literally felt like I was there. You captured the emotion and disturbing elements that are known in our own world about the military. It's devastating to know how so many suffer after spending their lives training and then defending their country, only to return as a shadows of the person they once were. This is an excellent piece of writing and I personally can't find anything wrong with it. 10/10!
2/15/2014 c1 xxx1000
Wow. Great story, well written, pure emotion and very moving! Bravo!
10/14/2000 c1 ElectricPhotonBlonde
This story is very touching. By the end I found myself wanting to cry. If you were to write a book on this, I would definately buy it!
10/9/2000 c1 AniFireBird
Damn you...you know that right? Damn all your sad fics to hell! Big time jokes there, but seriously, write more happy stuff, k? I liked the fic, nice way to end it, with the Jupiter and Thorn stuff, - n - all...but still...just sooo sad *runs off crying* *sniffs* Good ficcies, keep writing as good as this, and write more happy happy stuff! *cheesey smile*
10/5/2000 c1 Kuo
Dude, that was really kool! Kinda the way I feel sometimes, the emotions, I mean. You used really cool descriptions of…just everything! Especially the acid snow, that was kool! Guess some action slipped in after all, eh? The main idea was really kool! Your settings were kick ass. Heh, it all was just really kool, keep up the work! ^_^

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