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11/16/2008 c27 5belisha
oh wow... predictable it was certainly not
5/29/2008 c27 5I Murder on Impulse

7/30/2006 c27 1HungarianPotatoFarmer
Ohh...I like it a lot. It was a good story. Too bad it's over. :( Oh well, it was really good. I'm glad I read it. :) At least it was a good ending. It was really great; I loved it.

Sincerely, H.P. Farmer
5/19/2006 c1 25faerie princess00
foreshadowing...so far...i'm liking it.
8/16/2005 c1 101Shadow of the Black Wolf
I like this story so far. It reminds me of Amelia Atwaiter-Rhodes, I'm sure that is the name, book Demon in My View. It is almost exactly like it but different characters and a few changes. It's really good though. If you can send me the full story to my e-mail I want to print it out. Keep up the good work, no scratch that, great work.
4/16/2005 c3 4Lykaios
I fear you'll be seeing a lot of me...'Defeated, the young senior turned in the opposite direction to meet a horrifying fate that would strike terror into the hearts of even the bravest: calculus.'Try phrasing the last part differently.'To meet a horrifying fate that would strike fear into even the bravest of hearts.'it fits better.This is reminding me of 'Demon In My View' by Amelia Atwater Rhodes. Any fact there?-ta
4/16/2005 c2 Lykaios
In the beginning of the chapter, you linger far too long on the fact that whomever is watching Meredith is staying there. It becomes repetitive and dull, although the way you say it is beautiful.'he watched her when she turned off the light...'Try changing when to as.'it was so easily-too easy-and tempting...'easily? otherwise, this is turning out to be very interesting. It may actually be one of the few I finish reading.-ta
12/21/2004 c27 2Beloved Beatrice
hey cat, this is truly a great story! it reminds me of that story about that witch hunter who fell in love with a vampire...and then she was turned by him and shunned by everyone she knew. very similar...an inspiration maybe?
12/4/2004 c4 Nessa
Okay. Just venturing a comment but this sounds alot like a book A. Atwater-Rhodes wrote. Dont know if you've heard of her but it is VERY similar.
8/7/2004 c27 55Petronia H
Incredible! Your style of writing is absolutely amazing, and your plot was too. I especially loved the quote at the end of chapter four. Your characters and their actions and reactions were very real. We definently do need to talk sometime.
7/30/2004 c2 20HannahMarieWillow
Interesting so far, love the detail esp the descriptions of the ppl
12/25/2003 c1 lin
some of the (lack of) formatting in the later chapters makes it difficult to read, but all in all this is quite an excellent story - intense, provocative, intriguing.
11/26/2003 c27 ItalianQT
I thought your story was awesome! I'm so happy that they ended up together! : ) R u going to do a sequel? B/c i think u kind of left it hanging about Velika and Meredith's real mom...Great story! : )
8/15/2003 c4 Zabella
Love the characters.
8/13/2003 c1 1sapphire-chocobo
Interesting story...I'll be sure to read more of your works in the future.
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