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5/23/2003 c27 3Hecate
Well, I must say you have definently offered a tasty little morsel of fiction to us hungry readers! (And for me, the jealous writers!) I love the idea of a half-angel, half-vampire. In my story, I have the product of an angel and a fallen angel. Should be interresting on how she turns out. Man, you left such an awesome review on my story, I feel like whatever I write will be just petty little words. But you are most certainly the best vampire fiction writer on the web! If you ever wanna co-author a fic, shout at me at . toodles!

lots of love from the underworld,

3/23/2003 c1 beni
whoa, it is finished. GAH! :p so intense a world you've created.
3/23/2003 c27 beni
wow. this is an absolutely stunning piece of work. i desperately hope you continue it! the plot is fascinating. there is a small problem with the formatting of the text - there are no indents, which makes reading confusing.
12/10/2002 c11 1cze
So sorry I took so long just to read your story. I had to sit for a really long examination, and at last, I'm back. I'm putting this as an overall review for the chapters 8-10.

First of all, I suppose you can improve this great work by splitting the paragraphs a little. It's quite intimidating to see a large chunk of words here. I don't mean to critize your style of writing, so no offence intended. The problem is, I find it hard to differentiate your dialogues, description and sentences when they are in one big bunch. Other than that, it's perfectly fine. I'll read more later.
11/8/2002 c27 FlamingElf
hey, remember me? i email u a couple of times. sorry it took so long for me to get around to reviewing. ive been kinda busy with life. this was a great story. ploy kinda familiar, but with a new twist. i loved it and ur a great writer, but i dont have to tell u. u should already know that seeing as u have ur own book! im really jealous...anyway, keep writing!
11/5/2002 c27 TotallyToasty
next time please make shorter paragraphs i kept losing my place
9/1/2002 c27 Ph4nt0mPhr33k
I really liked it...great. ^_^
8/30/2002 c22 Missy2005
Hey great story! I can't wait until the end of the story is up. Please update quickly! Also, are you going to publish this story too? Because I heard that you're a published author now. That's so cool! I'll support you and buy a book if I see your name. Well goodluck!

8/28/2002 c18 2Du Soleil Oriental
Continue it!

I like it ver ver much!
8/27/2002 c16 QueenAmbi
That was really great! Have you found anyone to publish your stories yet? 'cuz those stories are THE BEST! That fight was cool! I thought that Aslee wouldn't do that to her though... Anyways, I can't wait till you'll write more! This story is getting better and better!
8/17/2002 c12 bluedayzsi
8/17/2002 c12 QueenAmbi
I was waiting for you to update this stiry and you did! YAY! It's really, really good so far.
8/17/2002 c12 Ph4nt0mPhr33k
Hey, I really like your fic, it's very well written, nice details...

But could you paragraph some? It's really hard to read when some of the chapters are just one long paragraph...
8/9/2002 c7 1cze
Oh, I was away for at least a week. And I'm glad for this chapter. Meredith doesn't normally seemed very chirpy before.(ch. 6. I'm skipping rev. for ch. 6 to here). It's nice to see the other side of her. I'm impressed again.
7/31/2002 c5 cze
Sorry for not being to read your work more frequent. This chapter took me longer to read because of my sore eyes. Now this really becomes exciting. What does the dream Meredith had really mean? Nice...

BTW, my second chapter is up, and I do hope you can find the time to read it. Thanks for everything.
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