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7/24/2002 c4 1cze
This is long and lovely... yawn... I'm tired. Glad I'm able to at least finish this. One thing, it might be much easier to read if the words aren't stacked up in a bunch - consider putting it into smaller paragrahs. It's much easier to chew that way. Take care.

7/24/2002 c3 cze
I'm beginning to really like Meredith Vandolah. Maybe it's because she's just cool.
7/24/2002 c8 26RaeShadow
This is really good! I can't wait for the next chapter!
7/24/2002 c1 Deathman
Bravo! Very good indeed. Very deep and creative. I give it thumbs UP.
7/23/2002 c6 RaeShadow
:) More please!
7/23/2002 c4 RaeShadow
Write more soon! This is really good!
7/22/2002 c2 Genesis Shade
This is really good. I love the book Demon In My View. All of Amelia's books. Write more.
7/22/2002 c2 1cze
This must be one of the best stories I've read. You have vivid descriptions that propell the readerinto the story. Do continue!
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