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6/5/2003 c1 32Living Contradiction
wow...I actually came to your stuff after I say a review you wrote for a friend of mine on her poem "lock my door" and you seemed like you were pritty down to earth. then I read this poem and I REALLY like it! I think you really captured the idea of some one comiting suiside.(sorry about my spelling) I really feel the pain she person in your poem must have had. I really enjoyed it, KEEP WRITTING! listen, If you feel like it my e-mail is I would really like to hear from you. Great work.
9/5/2002 c1 Benjamin
I really like this poem. The structure and rhym carry the images of this poem beutifully. The only thing is the use of mused, in the second stanza. It seems out of place. A great poem.
9/3/2002 c1 8darkvampirefairy
All I can say is wow...this was awsome
8/10/2002 c1 22Gevo
dark but good
8/6/2002 c1 10Hikarineko Skadi
this is such a cool poem. this poem say's.. no i keep on giving useless advice sorry.. Kari
7/25/2002 c1 14Juxtaposition
you know, this balances out your lullaby perfectly...I say that nice poems are hard to come by then I read about suicide...sounds like my poetry

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