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3/18/2010 c6 faiswingedchronicles
What the heck man don't leave it there! Seriously whats up with you how can you write such a teriffing and good story and leave it there!
3/18/2010 c1 faiswingedchronicles
...o.o wow okay man sure hehe you cause pain to so just...walk away...leave that poor unfortunate teens house...now
7/30/2009 c6 23firestar267
this is really good! its really well written, i cant wait to see what happens next :)
5/8/2009 c1 8xxdarksaviorxx
Oh damn. lmao. I didn't expect him to smash the TV. That would be a huge sign of problems to come. Seems interesting. ^^
9/27/2004 c6 1Tongari
Are you going to continue? : (
I've only been waiting for an update for about a YEAR! xD
This is a great story, it really grabbed me and pulled me in.
I really hope you're going to continue. :]
You've a definite fan here.
6/26/2004 c6 16Painted Desert
Please will you update this again? You can't just stop! PUH-LEASE! And i never beg so this is serious.
3/21/2004 c6 6Bejipan
I didn't get the part when Jeremy fell. He ripped his pants and... was the pressure so bad on his knees that they just uh, splurted out blood? I'm confused. Jeremy's confused, Carl's confused and I bet Jill is confused. Yay! We are all confused.
Lets celebrate,
7/5/2003 c6 Jeoal
Only 17 reviews on this story? Puh-sheesh...reviewers these days... ;)

I really like the plotline, and the characters- very original and interesting! You've got me hooked, so please update "soon" [soon meaning whenever the urge to write hits, of course ;)]
6/23/2003 c6 15Illian
Whoa, this is interesting. Can't wait to see more.

~!shadow kei!~
6/23/2003 c6 tiny lights
Wow, I love this story. You've gotta update soon, I wanna know what happens. =(

You're on my favorites list, and I'll be waiting for the next chapter. =)
6/23/2003 c6 hudson396
Cool, I hope you write more soon.
1/28/2003 c5 16Painted Desert
You have certainly got me pulled in but you MUST write more. PLEEEZE! Pwease?
1/16/2003 c5 Bitter Berry
It's all Angie's fault. Grr.

I still really like Carl. He's a very interesting...psychotic guy. ^^ Well, at least Jeremy has Jill to keep him company. Gah.

Thanks for updating. ^^

-Bitter B.
1/15/2003 c4 Bitter Berry
Nutcase was an understatment.

Poor Jeremy! You have great characters going here. I really want to know more, where it's going, what's going to happen! I need more. Please. The storyline is great. Original.

I hope you continue soon. I'll be waiting. ^_^

-Bitter B.
1/15/2003 c3 Bitter Berry
Jill's a smart one. -.-;

Jeremy's scared. Aww...-lol- Well, let's see...I saw a few errors...but nothing major. I shouldn't be saying anything...I'm really bad. O.o

I'm smiling like crazy right now. ^_^;

-Bitter B.
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