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7/23/2003 c37 10brownbear
oh... i love the ending! this story is amazing! there was action suspense and everything, and was kinda like a fable at the same time! great job! :)

7/23/2003 c33 brownbear
oh... that's so sad, her whole life is sad. i hope everything turns out for the better. :)

7/23/2003 c32 brownbear
oh wow! that's a great twist! did they heal the evilness in his heart? that would be interesting. :)

7/22/2003 c26 brownbear
hehe, i love the twins! the kinda remind me of fred and george weasley. hope everything turns out alright

7/22/2003 c22 brownbear
what's gonna happen? why is everyone so mean and cold for no reason? or is there a reason? the little kid did say she deserved it... maybe everyone knows something about her that she doesn't know... as usual, another good chap!

7/22/2003 c16 brownbear
justine is a little... crabby, huh? that's just what calida needs. hehe :) yet another good chap! love the action!

7/22/2003 c13 brownbear
oh... dun dun dun! what will happen! i gots ta find out! :) another great chap! might want to revise it tho, there was a couple mistakes. nothing too big tho. :)

7/22/2003 c5 brownbear
who sent it? the boy, most likely... but how does he know her? there's so many questions, hope they get answered. :) another good story!

7/22/2003 c4 brownbear
that's strange... maybe he goes to her school...? i kinda dount it tho... wonder what's gonna happen. good, interesting, story! :)

7/22/2003 c37 24Eternity's Secret
Wow! I read all the way up to chapter 24 non-stop yesterday, the only reason I had to stop was because a huge storm came and we had to shut down the computer. When my friend called, I was slightly upset because this is a really great story! If this were an actual book, I'd read it every day! And the only other story that I reviewd saying that to was Trust by The DarkScribe! It's a thriller... But this story was really great! I wish I could write stuff like this! You should submit this to a publisher! And I know a site that helps you get an agent so you can get published. I haven't even dared trying yet because all my stuff are pieces of crap. This story was really worth reading! And anyone who says otherwise either hasn't read it or have bad taste in what they read! Keep up the tremendous work! Great ending in both the epilogue and in the last chapter! Keep it up!

~Duo Maxwell Is Mine No Touchy~
7/18/2003 c37 2CurlsofSerenity
Wow, that was definately something new! COOL! Cheers for Dallas and Calida! Aw, what about Justine, does she not get a mate? Whoa, that sounds wierd: mate. LOL, n e ways, great story!
7/16/2003 c1 6Secretive
Hey, this is nicley written, and really good! I'm going to finsih it and all, but I wanted to tell you I love it so far.
7/5/2003 c37 1Bish
wow great ending! Very nice indeed, i didn't expect her dad to come to her rescue, but then there u have it!

Hope this means you'll be starting another story soon, cant wait!
6/12/2003 c10 7ku
Good so far. Long story though, and I'm tired now. I'll read the rest later.
6/12/2003 c8 ku
This story is very good. It's the best I've read so far, but I haven't read that many. In this chapter, dogs attack Calida, but the suspense is pretty much ruined because we all know that Calida, as the main character, is not going to die.
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