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1/18/2003 c30 kira
hellooooooo? any one there write more write more

or has your life become to distracting?
12/21/2002 c30 3Anamania
Silver, I'm very impressed by this story. It has creativity, uniqueness and originality. The main characters are well developed and you show depth in most things. Congratulations on such a good story. Please write more!
12/14/2002 c30 2flameluvr
well, now that i have read all the posted chapters, i can tell you my main opinion of the story. this is an awesome ficcie! you have a great, creative imagination. your characters are crafted perfectly, and we know just enough about them to make the story flow smoothly. i love all the different characters; they were molded to fit the storyline with expert care.

however, there are a few typos, so i would recommend re-reading all your chapters in word or something, and fixing the typos; then re-posting them. all in all, this is an awesome fic! i will be back when the next chapter is posted. until then, toodles! ^_^
12/14/2002 c27 flameluvr
omg! why the heck do they want him and calida?
12/14/2002 c26 flameluvr
ooooh... hope she'll be ok! but then again, there are at least 4 more chapters, so i think she will be. on to the next chapter!
12/14/2002 c25 flameluvr
i think thats cool about the meaning of 'tigers mouth.' one thing though: did the IGI create the special people? or did they just happen? cause dallas said something about them creating special people with old DNA...
12/14/2002 c24 flameluvr
yay! my questions were answered! I think thats kewl how there was the secret room under the bed. i also think that its pitiful for dallas to assume that manner when he wants to get something done; in the real world it would be VERY unproductive. anywayz, on to the next chapter!
12/14/2002 c23 flameluvr
this is a great chapter. i think calida's a genius for getting the man to feel safe, but why was everyone so cold with her? why did the little boy trip her because 'she deserved it'? hopefully that gets answered in the next chapter.
12/14/2002 c21 flameluvr
i have a theory about whats going on with dallas: all the people that have been captured are sending him these brainwashing messages. they are slowly but surely brainwashing him... or something of the sort. i hope im not right tho... anyways, on to the next chapter!
12/14/2002 c20 flameluvr
omg! what happened to dallas? must...read...more...
12/14/2002 c19 flameluvr
ooooh! i can tell that you have a really good idea about that tingling thing that happened just now... cant wait to find out what! so, on to the next chapter!
12/14/2002 c17 flameluvr
heeheehee... i like hannah; she seems kewl. does she make a tradition of dropping the food on the floor every day? i knew that dallas liked calida! and it was really nice of hannah not to say anything about walking in on them kissing. well, on to the next chapter!
12/14/2002 c16 flameluvr
wow... these two chapters were pretty intense. she saved herself and dallas! justine seems very in control of the situation, however. i hope that both calida and dallas end up ok!
12/14/2002 c14 flameluvr
oooooh! i like her powers... justine sounds so much like a prissy, bossy girl that wants to be the center of attention, but i know she's not. on to the next chapter!
12/14/2002 c13 flameluvr
sounds as if the next few chapters are going to be important. on to the next chapter!
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