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12/13/2002 c30 hudsiyfiusnfsudi
oh...the old 'use powers you don`t know how to' trick huh? nice twist, is he her father or related to her? can`t wait for more of it.
12/5/2002 c29 kaze2k5
The only thing I can see wrong with this is the occasional grammar and spelling mistake, which can get confusing at times. And when you change "scenes" could you make that clearer, cause I was reading and all of a sudden "hey I thought Calida wasn't there".

I can't think of many ways to say that story is awesome, but it is great and descriptive language! That's one of the hardest things for me to do. I'm writing a story myself but I'm a slow writer and I'll have it all up at once.

Eagerly awaiting next chapter! :D
12/4/2002 c29 1Bish
VERY interesting! can't wait to see what happens, especially in the dungeons! *shivers*

can't wait for the next chappie!
12/1/2002 c29 2kalilza
why do you always leave us at the interesting parts? oh well don't worry I won't stop reading
11/30/2002 c29 hudsiyfiusnfsudi
it`s about time! anyway, did they get seperated? well great chapter as always, i like the log cabin idea. can`t wait for more.
11/28/2002 c28 6Gloria-Krasy
Why did you stop?

Please, update soon!
11/16/2002 c28 1Bish
can't wait to see what happens! i hope they'll be ok... *bites fingernails*

update as soon as possible!
11/13/2002 c28 2kalilza
argh you are soo mean, you cant just leave us there, lol. at least dont make us wait 12 days for the next chapter
11/13/2002 c28 hudsiyfiusnfsudi
*sniffle* man, rip my heart out why don`t you?
11/13/2002 c28 20Delorfirith
~Finally, it's up! :P

Well, It's great! Can't wait for the next chapter to come out... Good cliffhanger at the end!

11/9/2002 c26 2kalilza
ok I know I already said this, but, please continue. it has been 9 days since you last updated and I am afraid that you are not going to continue, is that true? please answer. you stopped right at the most exciting part, you also stoped as soon as I started to read, that always seems to happen to me, maybe I am cursed. but I am dying from anticipation. please continue writing it will make me feel better, cuz I spilled coffee on my dads laptop, argh. thanks
11/5/2002 c27 1Bish
This story just gets better and better! It's so good! I can't wait for the next chapter! Update quick!
11/5/2002 c1 2kalilza
hi just wanted to add a few more things. one is that this is my favorite story on ff and I have read a lot, also this has very good character development, it also made me come close to crying at some points and I dont cry easily. the only thing that I found wrong with the sstory was that you never had calida open the first letter she got in her seceret place. if you did have her open it please tell me, I would like to know when my mind totaly blanks out:) thanks
11/4/2002 c27 kalilza
oh please please please continue, It would brighten me day after a most likely horrible day at school tomorrow if when I came home there was another chapter, please! that was so good
11/2/2002 c27 Carolyn Jeannette
Amazing as usual. What on earth will they do? ooh...It was amazing. When's the next chapter coming?
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