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10/7/2002 c22 hudsiyfiusnfsudi
is everyone mad at her because she`s the ransom? anyway, leaving me hanging is not very nice *pouts* but still, update soon...pleeeeeeease!
10/6/2002 c21 hudsiyfiusnfsudi
aww. that`s sad. what`s up with him? great story as usual. it`s almost like X-men but not so - i don`t know - shallow? it`s really deep and i like it. please update it soon!_!
10/5/2002 c9 hudsiyfiusnfsudi
AHHHHH! Can`t...finish...reading... now! *looks away from story* i swear you are trying to kill me here! i find this story twenty chapters into it and now i can`t read all of them in one sitting! cruil people. oh well, wonderful story. really draws you in. *glares* i mean...REALLY...draws you in. hope i can finish it soon.
10/5/2002 c20 1Bish
Yay you've updated! And 2 more great chapters! Ooh, what happened to Dallas? Can't wait to find out...

Oh about my story, actually Benedict locked the door before he left and then it sort of 'mysteriously' opened again...

Anyway, i hope you post a new chapter soon!

9/29/2002 c1 2MoonLight1
dis story is simply fabulous! :)

Luckily i came across dis story & decided to read it after i read de interestin summary! Anewae great job! ^_^ Cant wait for u to update soon!
9/25/2002 c18 1Bish
I cant beleive I'm reading such a good story! It's great!

Will wait eagerly for next chapter...

9/24/2002 c18 4Plateado
I knew it! I thought you were an Aussie. And to answer your question, I sort of am, and sort of not. It depends on how you look at it. I was born in the U.S., but when I was one yrs old, we moved to Sydney, Australia and I lived there for seven years. I spent my kindergarten yr there (which is why I spell colour the Aussie way) and the first part of first grade. But, then I moved back to the U.S., which is where I've lived ever since, even though I have moved to two different states since then.

I have an Australian citizenship, so in a way I'm an Aussie, but if you want to get technical, no, I'm not. *big smile*

Gee, my life story! hehe! Anyways, story's going great, and thanks for reviewing!

9/21/2002 c17 1Bish
This story is going great!

New chapter quick!

9/21/2002 c17 4Plateado
Haha! Awesome! I just knew he had to wake up...

The story is really going great, Silver. I hope you get more readers!

Also, I noticed something. You spell colour the same way I do (with a 'u') where as in America (where I'm living now) everyone spell's colour without the 'u'. So, are you from Australia or Britain or something like that? J/W.

Thanks for reviewing my story, and I'm sorry about that mess-up with the chapter...But, the next chapter or so I'll post soon, since I already have it written. So keep an eye out for it! later!

-Riley (and if you haven't checked my profile yet, I am a girl *smile*)
9/20/2002 c16 1Bish
Another great chapter!

Can't wait for the next one!

9/17/2002 c15 4Plateado
Hey! This is R.B., only I changed my sn. Anyways...it's taken me some time to actually catch up with you! One day there's only six chapters, and then the next time I check, 15! And so, that is why I haven't reviewed until now...Also, thanks for the review, and I am so sory that the other story was kinda knocked off. I just wasn't feeling it anymore, ya know what I mean? But i am happy to say, that the actual story that comes after A Christmas Beginning has the first nine chapters posted. it's an old story, and if I get alotta reviews, I'll post more, and try to complete it! So, check it out of ya have the time!

-Anyways, this story is coming along great! You really having some thing going here! How you people think up such great ideas, I will never know..So, keep up the good work! The story is really great, and I am so glad that others have finally found your story and started reading it! It's about time your story was read by others! It's definately not something anyone would wanna pas up!

9/16/2002 c15 1Bish
ooh! Continue Continue!

Can't wait! Keep going, please new chapter, quick!

9/13/2002 c13 Bish
ooh, dont stop now! keep going!

New chapter! New chapter!

9/9/2002 c12 Bish
Finally the truth comes out! Keep going, keep going!

9/7/2002 c11 Bish
This story just gets better and better!

keep writing!

p.s- I've just posted a new chapter!

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