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for Saint Peter's Day Off

8/4/2003 c4 peter
1) I would totally be Satan.

2) The process for declaring war is that the President can move armed forces to anywhere he wants in the world, but for us to be officially "at war" he has to ask congress to ratify a declaration of war, which I think only needs a majority vote. I'm pretty sure that forces can't engage when the President moves them...unless they're attacked. But.
8/2/2003 c4 Dan
I wouldn't say it's "laugh out loud" funny, but it is indeed humorous. I greatly enjoy the suaveness of Satan and the innocence of Peter. And God taking a bath . . . very funny.
11/30/2002 c3 S.J.Maas
Well, since you asked me to review one of your stories and because your profile says that you love reviews, I figured that I'd be merciful and do so.

I found this short story to be generally amusing, but the ending seemed sort of..abrupt. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE religious parodies (I'm not exactly what you'd call a fan of the Christian Church) and this one definitely made me smile. The grammatical errors in this make it sort of hard to read, but then again, I'm a spelling and grammar freak and I don't think that you should be phased at all by my comment on it. I really like how you combined Greek terms and ideas and blended them in with Christian theology-I think that was really creative and cool. Anyway, great job! Write another religious parody soon-I'm in desperate need of a good laugh these days.
10/21/2002 c2 Dick the Dad
Wow! Really great story and flawlessly (minus the Havana typo) executed-great sense of humor and laugh out loud moments in the exchange. Very creative, funny and moments of brilliance-especially when the Devil uses the word "whilst"-great timing on the introduction of archaic language in the middle of hipster banter-very effective and a fine tale all around.
10/21/2002 c1 Dick the Dad
Fun story! Good satire and refreshing to see religion humor without the harshness and pedantry so often associated with that genre. The notion that God has been marginalized by his ungrateful creation and is irritated by same is paticularly humorous.
7/28/2002 c1 the penguins are stealing my sanity
Hey this is very very funny! Plz plz plz write some more! Thank you
7/27/2002 c1 trustAnti
Oot. God beez cranky.

Awesome idea, though a bit depressing. Ta.

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