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1/27/2007 c39 siddika
Very good story.
8/18/2006 c39 3Sleepless In Seattle
This story was completed about three years ago, so I doubt you'll ever read this but I figured I'd give it a shot.

I love the idea. I have always been fascinated with road trips and have actually started saving to take one with a friend since elementary school. We plan to go across country after high school graduation.

You have oodles and oodles of mistakes and spelling errors, but since we get a general idea of what you're going for, it's honestly not a big deal.

I ADORE Jay. He is so awesome. I know of no boy ever like him, and figuring my bad luck with guys I never will.

Bronwyn is hilarious. My favorite scene has got to be when she tries to get out of the ticket. I smiled and giggled the whole time I read it. Sure, a bit superficial, but adorable and loveable.

That's about it. I've probably wasted five minutes of my time writing this, for you will never see it, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

~Sleepless in Seattle~
3/11/2006 c39 Alenor
great story. glad they finally admitted to each other. cya later.
1/1/2005 c39 10depressed-and-bored
11/15/2003 c30 3hamsta-boi
OMG so corny!
11/10/2003 c39 ItalianQT
AW! Your story was so sweet! Thank goodness she wasn't pregnant! That would have ruined the ending! Great job! : )
10/18/2003 c39 twizler519
I dont writ but i love to read, this story is absolutley amazing! You should really look in to getting it published. I think it could be picked up. My mom is a published writer and she thinks its a great story! Keep up the great work!
8/21/2003 c39 jarvie
I read all of this in one sitting. Now, my back aches, my butt's sore, my eyes are throbbing, but I'm feel all giddy with happiness. That's how amazing your story was. Serious, I'm not kidding. Now, all I want you to do is update the sequel and I'll be even happier. UPDATE SOON!
7/20/2003 c39 10brownbear
what was he gonna say? that's a great ending! especially when there's a sequal! what... that would mean it wasn't an ending... good chap!...

7/20/2003 c20 brownbear
suite! it means suite! hehe. is that a real hotel you went to? where is? it should have a ballroom. hehe. good story!

7/20/2003 c7 brownbear
hehe, that's so funny! i'm still cracking up and i read it like ten minutes ago! good chap! :)

7/20/2003 c3 brownbear
actually that isn't really strange. i know someone who takes ALL the toppings off her pizza, then just eats the crust. it's a good story, i love road trips! :)

7/13/2003 c39 10starsprinkles9604
Why yes...I do believe I've just styaed up for a few hours to read this nice story of yours...Geez the freak! I"m losing sleep because of you! Don't you have a HEART! I'm just playin! Good writing...great descriptions, there were a few mistakes but hey, those sort of things slip through all the time.

Kewl story. I had begun reading the sequel when I found out that it was a sequel so I decided to read what was going on with their history and such. Nice plot and everything...perhaps I'll check ya later.

Peace love and skittles!
7/13/2003 c1 starsprinkles9604
LOL! Her mom sounds just like my dad. My sister goes to LSU and there was the big serial killer scare and stuff and well, yeah...my rents even let her take my grandmother's handicap tag just so she could park in the handi cap spots and not in other parking spots that could be in dark places( that was her excuse anyway). Nice beginning, kewllio stuff

Peace love and skittles
7/7/2003 c39 13Twizzlers
Wow. I guess I'll add another to your 359 reviews. That's so many, but I can't blame ya because this story was great. I was addicted to it, I could't stop reading it! I actually started reading the sequel and decided I should probably read this one first. Now I can't wait to see what happens in the next one! GREAT story though, I really loved it!
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