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for RaGe, Part of the Teenage Suicide Day

7/24/2003 c19 3brokendagger
im in love with this story.. it was just :| woah.

im straight edge yet i have this wierd ADD that gives me the most fucked moodswings, its awesome really, you cant tell if im sober or not hahahah.. uh yup.. could relate with the character in quite some ways.

love love love love the story

gonna recomend it to everyone!
7/13/2003 c19 4xInsanoBananax
Man, that was an awesome story. Too bad Nyx died =:[. Nevertheless, I don't think I could have written better. My stories suck donkey dick. Anyhow, keep up the awesome writing in the future.
6/5/2003 c17 Guest
I fucking loved this

publish it

you're an amazing author
6/4/2003 c19 5Methros
That was a really really good story, Lots Of lovely Angst and suicide. I actually managed to read it all in one night ^_^, Although now it's 4am...

8/14/2002 c19 5gaile
Course we care. I don't think we would NOT care if we took the time to read the entire story.
8/14/2002 c18 gaile
Ai, you like Patti Smith? The lyrics are kinda creepy, but they do fit the storyline.
8/14/2002 c17 gaile
Aww man. That's so sad. I kinda actually like Sven... I think.
8/14/2002 c16 gaile
Aww man. You can't start making me like Angelo. I was just getting all set and ready to hate his little horny ass.
8/14/2002 c15 gaile
Yikes. I find that just slightly disturbing.
8/14/2002 c14 gaile
i like the 10 years/5 minutes bit wit da band and Frank. nice
8/14/2002 c13 gaile
Awww. Angelo and Nyx made up. I think Angelo's still hoping to get a piece of her ass though. hehe. Horndog!
8/14/2002 c12 gaile
Ain't it great. Nice. That'd be kind of scary to be in the mindset of Nyx though.
8/11/2002 c19 beelang
you're a frigging awesome writer
8/8/2002 c11 gaile
Wouldn't want to be Nix
8/8/2002 c10 gaile
I like Vicky. She's loud.
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