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3/7/2005 c1 Reader
S U C K S - what a waste of time
3/24/2004 c1 8Antimony VI Sulphide
that sadly made me smile as well... it was a little ironic, which i liked. i know someone like daffney.
1/28/2002 c1 5gaile
hehe. It's interesting enough
3/3/2001 c1 2Lotuss Tears
interesting story, i'm curious as to what inspired this
10/10/2000 c1 4Lyle Brown
Man. I hate to say it but that was kind of dissapointing. Not that I wanted the guy to die or anything, but it was shaping up to be one of those weird stories where it gets all twilight zone-ish. Don't get me wrong, my jaw was hanging down for the better part of it, but the fact that he got away so easily and so abruptly took some of the fun away, made me realize it was all normal. Still a great a read though!

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