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for Love

10/10/2006 c1 Friggin Awesome
im not good at expressing emotion..but this...is just good...i know that sounds like it could improve...but thats all i can say..its better than what i can say
3/25/2005 c1 CAgodess
um it really had no rhyme scheme and no set pattern forgive me but i saw it more of prose than poetry.
3/2/2003 c1 18Mere Little
It is so freaking weird for a guy to write about love. I really enjoyed the metaphor of "the box" and I really appriciated it.
11/30/2002 c1 Star7
hm. your poetry has the flow and rhythm, but with such a deep personal touch. makes it into an intriguing story. quite envious of you for this talent. reminded me an opposite verison of pandora's box. the beginning was mysterious, the need to know what was in that little plain box immense. after the explosion of conscience, love is revealed, glowing and angelic. the narrator then explains why it's important. quite beautiful and very impressive. great metaphors in there. wonderful job.

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