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for Lady of the Night

2/1/2006 c1 20sTrive
awesome... you might like my poem 'Lady Mockery'.
3/8/2003 c1 206MoshiMoshiQueen
Very deep and powerful! I loved how you said "There is not one person

Stronger or more forceful than her.

All will submit to her.

She is the controller of the world,

Yet she makes no decisions.

She is the force that

Beckons man to replenish his mind. " That was my favorite part! I Loved this poem!
11/30/2002 c1 Star7
wow. loved that second stanza.

Shadows melt and are fused

Into one ominous darkness.

fantastic imagery in the one. just overpowering, like a dark wizard's midnight potion. intoxicating. the lady night's power just sings like fallen stars in this. your expression of her is beyond poetical, almost on a familiar level. i love your descriptions. you did a fabulous job on this. makes me sleepy but almost paranoid. wow.

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