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12/24/2004 c1 18flying blind
this is amazing! so powerfuland you guys have a tight bond, may it remain always! =)

Happy holidays Lyss x
12/29/2003 c4 36Kittle
Awesome poem, I really liked it. Not too corny, just sweet.
11/28/2003 c2 52Will Klemm
In case i can't review every single chapter, i'm going to review them all in this review.
I related to the fourth and fifth one because when i loved some one, those feelings were present.
If only relates so well because i've admired women from a far and it seems almost like something i would write.

Sisters seems very sentimential and filled with this love you have for your best friend.
You're the one... This has to be my favorite of them all. You said such loving things about this person as if they were your lover then the hook at the end, that turned it all around. I wasn't expecting that kind of ending. Loving and sad at the same time.
Great work. Keep it up. sorry if my reviews arent in order.
6/13/2003 c1 10snowtiger13731
*gasp*. OMG, i jus realized i never review this. i thought i'd at least reviewed this. so sorry. i also read these a while back, but they're great. i'm not sure, but i think number five's mai fave. i'm too lazy to go back and read all of them. anyway, keep going w/the stuff you're doing!

12/26/2002 c5 119Silent Dreamer
awh that's sweet. i like it loads.
12/26/2002 c4 Silent Dreamer
i can relate to everything but the i love you part. the rest is what keeps happening. i'm wondering why he cares so much.
12/26/2002 c3 Silent Dreamer
there used to be someone like that for me. but he left. good poem i like it
12/26/2002 c2 Silent Dreamer
i feel the same way about someone right now. lol.
12/26/2002 c1 Silent Dreamer
awh that's really good. i wish my friend was like that. all my friends and i have grown apart. i don't think i really have any friends anymore. but i guess that's for the best... they won't find out too much...
12/9/2002 c5 Angela
These are all really wonderfully written. And the best things is that it really expresses what the writer feels and that is the best thing about writing poetry.
11/27/2002 c5 lilfrog
this is sooooo great...it seems to express a lot of what's happened in my life. great. write more
11/3/2002 c5 12All Mighty Terrestrial
I like the first poem in this set the best, it's the most specific and heartfelt. Although I related to the fourth one as well. Third one has a song feel to it, second one was a little short and prosey for my taste, fifth one was nice. No other comments to make. Keep writing!
9/3/2002 c1 10Lily Thompson
in answer to the previously place review.. yes it is :-D I would know.. teea, i always did like this poem.. you know how (until recently) i never cried? the first time you sent it to me.. i teared up.. :) i love you!
8/5/2002 c1 lil azn gurl
This is truly well-written and evocative poem. I have only one question: is it a true story?

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