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for Liberation

2/14/2014 c1 xxx1000
Really good story and well written! I like the unexpected twist, which is something you often see in non-traditional scifi.
5/15/2000 c1 John Gleen
It is a good story. But I don't think that the American public will be losing interest in space anytime soon. People like watching big things go really fast up.
4/11/2000 c1 Sanjuro
I liked it. Then again I liked all of your stories. At least all of them I've seen. I especially liked Militia though. I was also wandering if you could beta one of my stories. E-mail me yes or no. This story was good, buthonestly, I was hoping to find out a little bit more about Turbo's (formely Patrick) past. You know just enough to find out what it is that motivates him to become a hero. Also, I wish you had been a little more descriptive. Other than those little quirks, the story was excellnt. 8.5

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