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6/24/2005 c1 3Comatose
I think out of all of your poems, this is my favorite. I've got to say I love all of them, but this one stands out; I'm not exactly sure why.
10/16/2002 c1 50ScarletDreamer
this is really ,really cool :)I love how in all the poems of your's that i've read so far..you lure your readers into your subject!its soo awesome!

8/16/2002 c1 252account inactive00000
Oooo! This was excellent! When I saw you had a Hopkins poem posted in your profile I *had* to check out your poems...and I'm glad I did.

I love this. I love the simplicity, the sharpness, the mention of Berlin (my favorite city)...just everything. This is a wonderful poem.

I have to read more of your work!
8/12/2002 c1 53Aviendha19
aw this is a great poem. aw. like some obscure and wonderful, thing, and aw this is really good
8/7/2002 c1 11unexpected source
oh oh. brilliant.

8/5/2002 c1 1aceinit
I'm amazed that you can take such a short work and pack it so full of vivid description and emotion. You've just done in one page what it usually takes me at least a chapter to accomplish-wow! I can't wait to see what amazing things you post next.

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