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for somebody's girl

6/14/2008 c1 24fairies and snapple
Beautiful, and sad, and I like the broken style. Fits the theme.
11/20/2005 c1 2Love Over Gold
Wow...that was...god I don't know how to describe it. Awesome just doesn't cover it...I loved it, I really did.

-+- Nanashi Naomi -+-
10/24/2005 c1 8Queen Beryl
Wow. I loved that completely. It was descriptive AND meaningful. Way. To. Go!
6/6/2003 c1 32Morbane
1/20/2003 c1 141E. Gao


so, so plathian. and I love you for it.

12/4/2002 c1 Lli
Haunting. Gorgeous though, I'm at loss for words...

10/16/2002 c1 50ScarletDreamer
wow.this was an amazing poem.I really love the way you slowly came into the fact that this girl's boyfriend is violent.I really love the last 5 lines as well.Bravo!keep up the wonderful work!

8/28/2002 c1 34miss meaningeverythingtome
damn. you're incredibly talented. i'm jealous.

prediction- you'll be an esteemed writer one day

(just a thought). this poem rocks. love the "(breath)"s.

great touch. please write more, or i may go into withdrawl.

8/20/2002 c1 51CrazyWriter
~applauds ever so loudly~ I really liked this a lot. It ended marvelously, the china doll was a great way to put it.
8/17/2002 c1 252account inactive00000
I certainly know this feeling. makes me jealous sometimes. i liked this poem a lot, it brought me to a bit of myself, which is what the best of poems do.

you are very talented. nice work

*check out some of my stuff if you'd like*
8/13/2002 c1 75valpincon
thank you so so so much. this is exactly how i felt about a friend of mine, (who actually looks and dresses like the girl you describe!), when she was in a relationship with a completely hateful man. now shes out of it thank god, but this is just how i used to think. thank you.
8/12/2002 c1 53Aviendha19
i have finally found, someone who has really good poetry on fanfic, the higher quality among all the trite emotional mush-and all i can say is wow and thank you and this is a great poem! i cant wait to get to the next one
8/7/2002 c1 11unexpected source
a brilliant genius beautiful structure

structure! Oh

its marvelous, just look at it!

oh man, look at it! Cant you just love form?

its almost as beautiful as her, the structure

the poem of words.

ah you are a cubist.

some of it is like

cummings in alot of ways

we should talk.

8/5/2002 c1 1aceinit
Wow, this is powerful, even moreso since you mentioned this is really happening to someone you know. I never know what to say in reviews, but this really is a beautiful poem. Keep writing, you're amazing.

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