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6/25/2003 c6 Daarthe Lemelemie

mehehe i know i cant complain. i do those all teh time ;) nice! write more soon :D (and i promise i'll update my fics too asap, my holidays approacheth so i'll have plenty of boredom time to update :D)
6/20/2003 c6 a random smith lover
Heh. You know who this is. ;) Whoot! That rocked as usual Vorsie. Keep it up girlie! Yay! :D:D
6/1/2003 c5 1Flyyboy06
Definitely feeling this story. It's really good-you are going to continue, right? I updated Codename: Butterfly, if you wanna check it out. Keep it up, you have some real talent.
4/23/2003 c5 Aran Tera
Very good. Can't wait for another update! And don't worry, slightly crummy endings are better than very corny ones!
3/28/2003 c5 9Kaerius
heyz...very gd...where do you find all that time?
2/21/2003 c5 lemelemie didnt sign in
yay! :D go vorserkeien!
1/7/2003 c4 LemeL
hey, this is pretty good so far :) i know its discouraging not to get a bazillion reviews at once ;) but still its well done
10/15/2002 c4 2Playboy-bunny
Well, you said for me to give an honest opinion, and here it is. Firstly, it's a good concept, I like the characters and everything. Brilliant creations. Though I do think you should make more exciting things happen, so as to catch the readers' attention. :) Other from that, it's good. Keep it up!
8/29/2002 c3 Rebel Mission
This is a really good story! Keep it up Vorse, and if ya need more help with ideas...Just email me! :D keep it up!


p.s there, happy? lol :p
8/20/2002 c2 21Majanti
well, the frst part is good. I actally liked it. I give you a piece of advidce: be careful not making it too long...you might get annoyed with it before the story will be completed, or you may risk to finish it too abruptly. Apart from this. I liked it. Keep up with the good work...

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