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8/26/2011 c3 Allocard
I hope you makemore chapters. I find the story very interesting.
2/29/2008 c3 86Philip Ellis
Sick, slick, stunning... The first two chapters are made even more disturbing by the tender age of the narrator, and I liked the jump into the future, to see how mother and daughter are faring as the girl grows up.
10/13/2007 c3 7DarkCougar555
I really like it pretty much. So cute chapter! C;
10/13/2007 c1 7Dr. Dreyyy
U suck just giv up riting FOREVAR losar!
10/13/2007 c3 theforbiddensong
Wow. Brilliant story. The tone and concept and everything are perfect. I don't even think I saw any grammatical mistakes o_O . It's worthy of publishing (not kidding)! But yeah, this is most definitely going on my faves and alert :3
1/23/2004 c2 Forsakn
Ah. Beautiful.. Very nicely done, really. Some typos here and there, but otherwise, this is perfect. I hope you get it published!
8/10/2003 c2 7delighted delirium
I hadn't realized that there would be another chapter. It's still good, but a bit unclear at the ending. Really creative, though.
8/6/2003 c2 Muirne
This story is AMAZING. Either that, or I'm just demented. XD I really liked it. So sad, though. Sylvia is adorable, too. ^_^
8/3/2003 c2 Ciara Blaze
wow.. that's sad. :( and VERY well written. there's a little typo tho.. two, even. might wanna make sure those don't show up when you're all out and publishing.. in Chapter 2: "vI wasn't sure what Mommy was going to do" and "v"Sylvia?"" *pats you on the head and gives you a cookie* well done! :)
7/30/2003 c2 Evangeline
I am in such awe of your writing. Bravo! I hope you get this published. I can't really think of any criticism, except that I noticed a few small typos that could be cleared up. Again, a great piece.
7/29/2003 c2 Amethyst Blood
That's very nice. It's a bit...wow. It's an intresting take on the whole vampire story. I like it a lot. hope it gets published! ^^

3/18/2003 c1 delighted delirium
1/27/2003 c1 27blueberry shotgun
Good story! I don't know why, but I have a strange liking of vampire fics.
1/24/2003 c1 12restless-wandering
wow, I'm glad the I don't help the needy... that often
10/30/2002 c1 live2rideforever-Nicole
Hey, thanks for reviewing! I don't have spellcheck on my computer yet, but i'm working on it. I really like this story, it tells great detail, even from a child's point of view. One question though, how old is the kid? She seems pretty young because she still calls her mom "mommy". Keep going! Kick ass!
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