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for One Wounded

8/2/2002 c1 50Kittioto
O.. kay... that confused me... 0.o I think I'll read it AGAIN! (Wow, you sure do know how to get someone interested, lol, confuse them and that'll do it! WORKS FOR ME LIKE A CHARM EEEVVVEERY TIME! Booya! ^_^)

... Okay... whaoh... um, how bout you save me some time and just DROP AN ANVIL ON MY HEAD? ^_^** This definately made me think... though I was somewhat lost the first two times I read it, the third was a mind-blower. Extrememly unique... you know what? You're deep. ^_^ CONGRATS! ~Throws confetti~ And NO, I'm not being sarcastic! That was a highly thought-out poem, even if you weren't really thinking much when you wrote it. ()

I like this... a lot... I cried... ~cough~ ... don't tell anyone, kay? ~_^ I know I'm a sap! LOL. Anyhoo... this went through a number of topics that I could see... and I liked the last part, where you said you were talking about yourself. I, oddly enough, constantly argue with myself. Nah, not like a split-personality thing... more of a morality thing... knowing right from wrong, etc... whether I'm being a good person, if my future is being performed well... and one thing that I REALLY like the way you brought out, was your confusion with yourself. That, and the damage we do to not only ourselves, but our fellow humans. Every last one of us is guilty of making someone sad somehow... some more than others. And that's been one thing I've always felt REALLY guilty about, even if it's not intentional. I still beat myself up for my grade-school years... one of the reasons why I LOATHED public school. You get hurt, you hurt others... uh... not my thing I guess, I don't do well with large groups of people, I become over-whelmed... AND WHAT IS THIS! MY LIFE STORY! Sheesh, get on with the review! ~Smacks forehead~

All in all: GREAT poem, even if ff.net or your computer or whatever is screwing with the order, it's still very deep and highly thought-provoking! Excellente`! ^_^

Oh yeah, by the way: The "No Blame" CW thing...? Um... well, she introduced me to the person who found my home address, scared the crap outta me, scared the crap outta my parents, and made it so I couldn't talk on the net anymore. Ahem. So... it's not really her fault, but she felt REALLY guilty about it, 'cause we were - and still are - quite close. Just one of those... things... I guess. So, when she expressed to me how much she felt bad about some of the things she hadn't taken advantage of, and that she introduced me to that person... I felt inspired to let her know that I never ONCE blamed her for it. It's not her fault anyway... so uh, yeah. ^_^** Just in case you were curious!

Cheerio, Nikki! ^_^
8/1/2002 c1 ying fa8
That was really emotional. What a beautiful poem! I think I'll have to read some of your other works, too! ^_^ Bai bai!

~Ying Fa
8/1/2002 c1 41WalkingOnWater
DUMB OLD FANFICTION! ok it was in poem form but now its not...screw this dumb website, see! ITS NOT ME! HAHAHAHAHA! ok...i'm done bye

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