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3/19/2003 c13 4XxdiamondkweenxX
man that is some freaky shit. I am so glad I dont have a twin now lol
3/19/2003 c13 emily
this is so good! and of course, a cliff hanger =( hurry up and put up the next chapeter!
3/19/2003 c13 6goobersprinkle
ahh! youre so evil! im beginning to like Nat a lot more, and Monica is creepin me out! if i were in on the prank, i would leave too! eek! anyway, GREAT chapter! BASHNEEGER!
3/18/2003 c13 2inconsequential me
Sheesh...This chapter is insane. I can't believe how far Monica's going...I understand that she's mad and all...but c'mon...

Anyway...It was REALLY well written, and the POV switching didn't get on my nerves as much as you made it sound like it would.

I liked all the Natalee Blake interaction-that was so sweet. It definitely surprised me when it turned all evil and mean... But I guess it had to happen.

It was all written very well, I must say... And it gets me nervous for the next chapter! What's she gonna do? Update soon, please. I'm pretty anxious to see what's going to happen. Kudos! Thanks for writing!
3/17/2003 c12 xurbandecayx
...WOW! Dude... that was... amazing! I'm so jealous... I wish I could write like that! The suspense in here is mad... Ah! Yeah, I do sympathize with all the characters in a way, but of course it doesn't justify their actions... obviously... Anyways! I tried to review all the other chapters, but my computer has p.m.t. so I couldn't review it for some reason... But I got to review this one! Anywho... Hopefully you'll update this super soon, and tell me... And update your other novel as well... 'Resisting Temptation'... :) Cheers!
3/11/2003 c12 11Neophrite
Wow - this was a good chapter! I can't believe Monica made a pass at her shrink! What would be her motive for that? He's 40! (ew.) Anyways, I'm wracking my brain for something awful she could do with Nat's note. I mean, you can forge handwriting and such, but what could she possibly write that would be so bad? Can't wait to find out! Please update as soon as you can! :)
3/9/2003 c12 2macchina rosa
I LOVE this. It' so good! You must write more! The cliffhanger is killing me! *gives you a cookie* kudos!
3/4/2003 c12 grrrL
great story! extremely well written! i read this before but i never got to review. im so glad to find this again hehhe! monica is such a freak it's scary! geez!
3/2/2003 c12 2Froggegirl
Yeah, I totally understand about the difficulty with realism. I've noticed it's also hard writing about things you don't necessarily understand or haven't experienced, and personally I kind of doubt you've ever tried to kill your twin sister. So all things considered, this is really good as far as realism goes. The shrink, well, he's just a minor character, so he can be cliche and kind of.sadly shrinkish. lol, couldn't think of anything better! Keep up the good work, and update asap. ~*Natalie
2/8/2003 c12 Kelz
oo, i like this! I wonder if natalee will die? hmm...i saw darkness falls last night and i don't like the tooth fairy no more!

2/8/2003 c12 DeletedUser
Man, that email you sent out to everyone when you finally updated didn't have a link, and because my brain is made of chocolate syrup and refried beans, I forgot to come and read the next chapter. But I remembered today, OH WOW.


Monica seems to be going more and more psychotic in this one. Which isn't a bad thing, considering that this story revolves around psychotic twin sisters who want to kill people and steal their boyfriends. But Dark Envy is getting really good, I like where it's going and I'll definitely be reading the next chapter when you post it up.

When you're all done with it, you should let me edit it because I'm a bored person and that's my self-given job here on Fanfiction.net and that's probably going to be my job on Fanpress.net too. How about it?
2/4/2003 c12 Myra Storms
Well if she did skip off into the sunset i would have to barf myself to death and in the condition that i was still alive i would have to shoot you for violation of corniness limit... anyway good chapter... Monica is cool but what happened to bad ass Blake, dont tell me Natalee *cough* evil bitch... oops... is turning poor blakey boy soft... *tear* this makes me sad but update soon anyway, you have left us on a cliffhanger and i am dying to know who will help monica on her little escapade.
2/3/2003 c12 37BeautifulWickedness
Suspenseful! I can't wait until thr next chapter.
2/3/2003 c1 6goobersprinkle
hey, please read MY twin story! Stranded! If it gets boring to you, please review! I'll make it more exciting! thanks!
2/3/2003 c12 goobersprinkle
hey it's rachelbabycake! this is my new screenname! REALLY GOOD UPDATE! please email me with the next update! my new email is:

lol. luv ya!
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